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Estructura | Estructura Structural Engineering
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The structural engineers at Estructura thrive on challenging building projects. They specialize in creative design solutions that meet clients’ needs. The experts at Estructura combine the latest technologies including BIM and LEED with out-of-the-box thinking to solve architectural and environmental design challenges for projects nationwide. Seasoned structural engineers are involved in every project from conception to completion, often collaborating with specialists in their other offices.

Latest Projects


Sundt Headquarters

Sundt Companies headquarters in Tucson is a two-story concrete tilt-up plan designed to meet LEED Gold standards.


The Squadron Facility

The F-22 Squadron Operations Facility and Aircraft Hangar is a $38.9 million project at Elmendorf Air Force Base requiring progressive collapse analysis.

Tucson Crime Lab

The 59,000- square-foot facility is adjacent to the Westside Police Station, which Estructura also engineered.